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Stand-to-pee (STP) is any device that enables someone without a penis to urinate while standing up.

One of the parts of social transition for trans men is that of learning how to stand and pee like cismales. This article is to show the variety of self made or modified STP devices.



When using a STP to collect and direct the urine, regardless of the device used, one places it at the urethral opening. The opening is a bit further back then thought when trying it for the first time. Most of the initial discomfort will probably be from the poking of the vaginal opening with a part of the "collector" that hasn't been made smooth.

Practice is usually required to ensure no leaking.

Turkey Baster (DIY)

Remove the bulb from the end (usually pulls right off). From there you may cut the tube to a shorter length if required and sand or melt the cut end smooth. With all methods, before using the device in a public restroom, it is recommended trying it out in the shower until comfortable.

A turkey baster, cut down to size

Position the wide end over your urethra (I’ll give you a hint, its not on the front. Its more near the bottom) and press to create a seal. Let a little out to test. If you have the right hole, a stream should come out the end of the turkey baster. Now let loose! When you’re done shake it to get rid of any drips pull it up and out. (Note: There is often a suction depending on which device you use so when you pull it out there might be a small stream that comes out). If no one is looking, take your device to the sink and rinse it off and stick it in your pocket . If you’re not comfortable with that just stick it in your waistband and rinse it later. After awhile you’ll get the hang of it and find your ‘sweet spot’ and have no accidents.

Medicine Spoon (DIY)

Hollow plastic medicine spoons may be adapted by cutting off the closed end of the handle. These can be found in most retail pharmacies. A good one to try is the "EZY DOSE" Oral syringe and mini medicine spoon value pack, which can be obtained for $2. This method may be a little harder to use because the business end is shaped differently and smaller. Cut the handle end off at an angle with a razor blade, or drill a small hole. Now with the spoon end, position it over the urethra (it should feel almost like it’s sticking in you, but not really). Test again with a small stream. When done, scrape up and out to get rid of any drips.

Medicine spoon: before modification
Medicine spoon: after hole drilled

Flexible Plastic Lids (DIY)

Take the lid from a container (i.e. an oatmeal container) and cut off the edges. Fold, position, aim, fire.

Flexible tubes (DIY)

Make sure any device used is clean. Shown below is a creative use for a flexible oil spout found in the automotive section of many retail stores. Modifying one of the ends to fit (and bur the edges smooth) is often all that is needed.

An oil spout, ready for modification

This works like all the other methods, and its extendable.

Modifying a packie

Modifying a packie for stand to pee use basically involves drilling two holes through the packie, one large to hold a modified medicine spoon at the base, and another smaller one that goes through the packie to the tip. To connect the (modified) spoon to the tip, a plastic or silicone tube is slipped through the hole. Care must be done so that the drill bit doesn't get clogged with the material the packie is made of.

Alternatively, a hole can be melted into a soft packie by using a heated screw driver. It's best to go through from the tip to the back rather than from the back to the tip. This ensures that the hole will be located in the center of the tip. After the hole is created run cold water through the packie so that it doesn't melt back together. You may then insert tubing as directed above.

It's recommended to use a cyberskin packie for altering rather than silicone. For one thing cyberskin is more realistic in texture and the modifications won't break down the material as it will with silicone. There are also reports that using the hot screw driver method will cause a bad reaction with silicone where it may even explode.

A youtube video, curiously titled "Make an ee-zy pee-zy STP (stand-to-pee) packer" is here:

A packie modified for STP use with a turkey baster
A packie modified for STP use with a "GoGirl" prefab STP

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